Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Cuddle My Kids?

Any child who has a parent or guardian who is in cancer treatment. Families, social workers, doctors, nurses, or friends can register for programs via our online registration form or email us at

How much do the services cost?

Our programs are FREE!

What is your service area?

Our in-home programs serve the suburban Philadelphia area. Our educational resources and backpacks can be mailed to any family, hospital, cancer center, or hospice across the nation.

How are the programs scheduled?

The schedule is worked out between the parent or guardian and the CMK Nurse Navigator based on the best days and times for your family. These dates will be confirmed prior to the beginning of the visits.

What will Cuddle My Kids volunteers do?

Cuddle My Kids utilizes volunteers to help our programs run smoothly. We have several different volunteer opportunities. In-home program volunteers provide support to families through planned visits offering children a creative play outlet. Volunteers also assist with our monthly Cuddle Cares Programs. There are also volunteer opportunities to assist with office needs and events. Please fill out our volunteer application and we will find the best way for you to offer support. Volunteers are vital to the success of this organization and we thank you for your interest.

What is the Cuddle Cares Program?

Cuddle Cares is a program for families where they can gather and enjoy activities with other families facing cancer. Cuddle Cares offers a peer support group model for families to interact and build relationships while having fun The Cuddle Cares Program allows families to gather together in a creative environment. Cuddle Cares meets on a monthly basis. Please check out our Events tab to register for Cuddle Cares or email for more information.

Is the parent or guardian involved in the activities?

Most of the patients we serve take advantage of the respite time we offer them or tend to their medical issues while we visit. All patients/parents are welcome to join in the fun without having to set-up or clean up. We take care of all of that for you!

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